Dynamic Edge Training was founded on the principle that fitness training should be looked at as an art form and should be taken very seriously to ensure maximum results. The company has been around for many years and has always stayed course with its structure and unchanging belief systems. At Dynamic Edge our values and beliefs are simple, work hard, play hard, be smart and have fun!
One of the key factors we focus on is that our clients receive a balanced fitness routine that not only makes them a better athlete but also teaches them skills to use in their daily lives. When clients come to Dynamic Edge they first go through a very important assessment process to show us exactly where they are starting from and how they got there. We sit down formulate a plan and set our short term and long term goals. We measure body fat, calculate circumference measurements and go over movement screening and postural analysis.
We believe in state of the art training that encompasses all aspects of fitness from core, balance, functional training, strength conditioning, flexibility, CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™, speed/agility, plyometrics, even martial arts training to boost esteem and confidence. Refer to our other pages to see information on CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing.

About the Owner and Founder Mike Dunn:

Mike is a passionate, dedicated personal trainer who looks at himself as more of a “life coach”. For the past 20 years Mike has been changing lives one person at a time and continues to have the same passion each and every time he joins forces with a client.
Mike is not only the owner of Dynamic Edge Training but he is also a Master Trainer for CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™. He has the amazing job of traveling around the world certifying personal trainers on the CrossCore180® system (the number one piece of equipment on the planet).
Mike strongly believes that education is the key to success in anything he does. On top of having all the certifications and specializations through the National Academy of Sports Medicine Mike has also pursued his degree in Sports Medicine through the University of Pennsylvania.
Another one of Mike’s great passions is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Training. He is a very competitive high level BJJ fighter under sensei Paulo Jr Gazze and Waldomir Jr Perez. He fights under the Cia Paulista governing body from Brazil and trains at the world famous Gazze BJJ/ MMA Academy in Huntington Beach, CA.
Mike currently holds a brown belt and many titles such as 2010 National Gi champion, 2011 US Open Absolute Gi champion, 2012 Pan American Gi champion and most recently 2012 World No Gi champion.