Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has been proven to be the most effective martial art in a combat situation. It was derived from the Japanese for military purposes and was then brought to Brazil in the early 1900’s. The famous Gracie family from Brazil founded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and ever since the first UFC (Ultimate fighting Championship) 1993, BJJ has been the leader in the combat sports arena. It is a combination of submission grappling, joint locks and choke holds. It has been taught to the military and police force for years and is a very competitive sport as well.

At Dynamic Edge we teach the art to get people into great shape while at the same time changing their lives. Once someone starts BJJ it is very hard to walk away from. The martial art is meant to be very smooth and flowing and is one of the only martial arts where the smaller man can beat the bigger man on technique alone, very little force is needed if applied properly. The owner of Dynamic Edge, Mike Dunn is a highly competitive fighter under Sensei Paulo Gazze and Waldomiro Perez Jr, two very well-known black belts in the industry. Mike has won many titles under the Gazze name; here are some of the titles he holds.


2012 World Champion No Gi
2012 Pan American Champion
2011 US Open Absolute Champion
2010 USBJJ National Champion
2009 Southern California Champion
2009/2010 Grapplers Quest Champion