Certification Classes

CrossCore RBT™ Course Level 1
This certification class is the key for motivated, inspired personal trainers and athletes to take their game to the next level. This 6 hour course gives CEU’s for NASM and ISSA which trainers need for their continuing education credits.

CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ or “CrossCore® RBT™” is our key competitive advantage. It allows users to incorporate natural and rotational movement while performing bodyweight exercises. CrossCore® RBT™ is more than suspended bodyweight training. Where the competition stops is where CrossCore® excels and changes the game!

Rotation is a necessary component of truly effective suspended bodyweight training and tri-planar movement. Rotation is what makes it possible to perform the moves involved in a sport, occupation or everyday life for maximum results. And rotation is crucial in properly strengthening the core and preventing injuries in other parts of the body.
Rotation. Rotation. Rotation. Pull The Pin!™

After completion of a CrossCore® RBT™ Course you will be able to:
• Understand postural alignment/muscular balance assessment before putting client or yourself on the Crosscore unit
• Know how to properly prepare your body and the CrossCore® RBT™ equipment for a safe and effective workout.
• Perform each CrossCore® RBT™ exercise with proper form and body angle.
• Understand the different positions of your body and CrossCore® equipment that enable different exercises to be performed.
• Time exercises for any fitness level.
• Cool down of your body and storage of your CrossCore® equipment.
• How to create and teach a Crosscore group class
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s
CrossCore RBT™ Course Level 1

What is the cost and what is included?
This is a 1-day, 6-hour course. Cost: $230.00. This course includes:
• Professional CrossCore® RBT™ instruction by a CrossCore® Certified Instructor
• 0.6 Continued Education Credits (CEC’s) through NASM
• 6 Continued Education Credits (CEC’s) through I.S.S.A.
• CrossCore® RBT™ Course Level 1 Manual
• CrossCore® RBT™ equipment discounts

Will CrossCore® RBT™ equipment be provided at the Course?
CrossCore® equipment will be provided at the Host Facility where your CrossCore® RBT™ Course is held.

When and how will I receive my Continued Education Credits (CECs) and Certificate of Completion?
Upon completion of your CrossCore® RBT™ Course, you will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion identifying you as CrossCore® Certified to teach CrossCore® oriented classes on your own or in your own facility. You will be able to use this electronic certification notice to redeem your NASM and ISSA CEC’s. Other sanctioning organizations to follow.

How do I become certified to teach CrossCore® RBT™ Classes?
You may take a CrossCore® RBT™ Course at a Host Facility to become certified.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
Course registration fees are non-refundable. All registrants must successfully complete the course in order to receive a Certificate of Completion for their CEC’s. Any registrant missing 60 minutes or more of the course will be ineligible to receive a Certificate of Completion to earn their CEC’s. No refunds or credits will be provided.

For future certification classes please contact Mike Dunn at (714) 931-0000.