ROUND ONE It all started back in April 1999, overweight, depressed and in desperate need to change my appearance, I decided the only way to change the yo-yo up & down weight loss/gain was to join a gym that concentrated solely on weight training. I had no clue where to begin, what to do, or how to acquire that “special trainer” with what I had in mind of achieving; but nonetheless, I walked in the gym with my mind set and on a mission. I picked up Mike Dunn’s business card and thought to myself, “He is the one!” In a matter of one year, Mike transformed me from an overweight (200-lbs) to a sleek thin physique of (145-lbs). The amazement and delight of that year seeing my body change from flabby to tone, was something I never thought I could or would ever accomplish. I owe all of my hard work and dedication to Mike, because without his help I would have never been able to chisel my way out of fat to fit. He helped me to obtain muscles I never knew I had, or ever thought would become a reality on me! Oh sure, I have watched many Mr. Olympia competitions and only “wished” I looked like that, but low and behold Mike did wonder’s and now I, too, have a body to be proud of. Mike’s combination of weight training and his amazing diet ratio of Proteins/Carbs/Fats (he actually had me eating 3 times as much as usual and dropping pounds by the day) was the quickest, healthiest way to guarantee the body I’ve always dreamt of. The effects of training with Mike and the new body that came with it have enhanced every aspect of my life. Not to mention his kind disposition and our constant laughing the whole way through it.

The main objective, obviously, was the change in my physical appearance which really impressed not just me, but everyone I came encounter with, complimenting me on my looks. That boosted my confidence enormously! Mike has constantly provided me with motivation to stay in shape, and a program to follow for life. At the age of 39, with the support and encouragement from Mike, I won Ms. Venice Beach Physique Classic in July 2000! Mike continued motivating me with my diet, and exercise regimen and supervised my workouts five days a week. He helped me get in phenomenal shape and gave me the confidence to get up on stage and strut my stuff! Mike lives what he teaches. You can trust him to get you in the best shape possible, whatever that may be. He would constantly say,
when I think I can’t push any further, “just do what I say and do it” It worked EVERY TIME!

ROUND TWO Here we go again. Now we move to present time, it is September 2011, and once again I am overweight, depressed, full blown menopausal and in desperate need to change my appearance. What do I do? None other than to call Mike back to the scene. I knew based on our history and the results from 2000, he would help me shed those unwanted pounds with optimal success. And was I right!

This time around became a bit tougher, considering my age (49-yrs old), but that did not deter me from knowing I can accomplish the same goal I achieved many years back. At first, I was doing great by myself, applying the techniques that were instilled in me, until May of 2004 when I injured my back. This is when the insanity started again. Since then the weight slowly but surely crept on until I ballooned to a whopping 215-lbs, the most I have ever been in my life! It became tough to work out, which resulted in depression, which resulted in over-eating, which resulting in fat gain. Money also became a factor. Not being able to financially keep up with the habit also resulted in depression leading to…well you get the jest of it…a vicious never-ending cycle of misery which ended in negative results.

So, thanks to my husband’s encouragement to get back to the gym and call Mike, I was able to come back to what I love the most…weight training. I called Mike, made an appointment and he did not hesitate on taking me back with open arms and ready for the challenge once again. Boy, does he have the ability to work wonders. My testimonial doesn’t do him justice. He is a miracle worker by far based on my results. After gaining 70 pounds while on my depressed stupor, I didn’t think I would ever see a size 5 again!

I tried working out occasionally, but it became very difficult when the constant back pain ceased all attempts until one day I just gave up all together. That’s when I knew I would need Mike to get me motivated and enjoy working out again. After a 5-year long hiatus from any type of exercise, not only has Mike put me back on track but he has pushed me even harder considering my “shut-down” metabolism. Mike drives and delivers without delay! He is an amazing trainer, motivator and friend who has helped me more than words can describe. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to put on my “skinny” pants that I thought I would never be able to fit into! Now I have the body and the confidence as once before.

Mike even changed my program to help me achieve that goal in a few short months. This time around I accomplished my goal in less than 8-months! I can’t thank you enough Mike you are a genius!!! You will definitely be the only trainer I will ever have for life!
Thanks, again, my friend!

Madeline G.