MMA Training

MMA training (mixed martial arts) is the combination of learning kickboxing, takedowns and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all at the same time. This workout can burn an amazing amount of calories as you are constantly changing levels alternating between stand up and ground work. This is the hottest new trend in fitness and it isn’t going away! Learning a self-defense skill in today’s society is a smart decision. If you’re going to exercise why not gain a skill that may one day save your life or someone else’s.

MMA Conditioning

MMA (Mixed martial arts) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world because of the popularity of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). At Dynamic Edge we specialize in getting fighters in the best possible shape. When it time to get in the cage they are 100% percent ready for battle. It is imperative that every angle is covered when preparing a fighter for an upcoming fight. A lot goes in to creating a balanced program for each fighter and is 100% customized for not just the athlete themselves but also for the game plan against their opponent.

Every fighter is different and they all have their own strengths; some are BJJ technicians that need power and strength training and some are explosive wrestlers or strikers that need more finesse and dynamic training. Bottom line every fighter needs to have a very holistic program that is customized to be perfect for the upcoming fight and to be tailor made to beat the opponent they will be facing.

At Dynamic Edge we possess all the tools to make this happen.  We train our fighters with a balance of flexibility, core, strength, balance, plyometrics, rotational bodyweight training, speed, agility and most importantly the proper rest, relaxation and nutrition program. This is the biggest area we focus on with our fighters as this is where most fighters run into problems with overtraining, malnutrition and burnout.

There is a serious problem in the UFC today with overtraining and injury so we need make sure that each program for our fighters is closely monitored and is treated with special care. You won’t find a better conditioning program than we offer at Dynamic Edge. We possess amazing training concepts that are proven to be extremely effective. Using Stroops resisted sprint bands, kettle bells, Crosscore Rotational Bodyweight Training, Battleropes, and the other various training modalities we have you are guaranteed to get the best training camp possible!