Personal Training

At Dynamic Edge Training our main focus is balance. Balance meaning incorporating all types of fitness so that each client achieves the right amount of Holistic fitness. “Holistic” fitness refers to the perfect balance of strength, core, functional training, balance, flexibility, nutrition and most of all relaxation and stress relief.

To have a successful health and fitness journey you must find the proper balance of all of these aspects in your training program. You can never know too much about the science of health and fitness!  Through all our educational research we kept coming across the concept of balance. Our push to incorporate this into our fitness programs ensures our clients won’t over-train, they don’t get bored and most of all they get the absolute best results possible. Our training programs include a mixture of all types of training; the latest and the greatest. We are always ahead of the curve using all the newest modalities such as CrossCore®  Rotational Bodyweight Training, sandbags, kettlebells, Stroops resisted sprint bands, battleropes, speed ladders, hurdles, cones and more. This type of workout ensures that you get the best training session, burn as many calories as possible and have a blast while doing it! Another very popular type of training that we mix in with our sessions is kickboxing/boxing and MMA training. This is proven to be one of the most efficient ways to burn calories while learning a new valuable life skill.

Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds to fit into that wedding dress, or post rehabilitation for a hip replacement your achievement will be met guaranteed! No task is too small or too large, from working with handicapped athletes to professional athletes, children to senior citizens; our program has something for everyone. Come train in a private one on one setting, with a friend or in a group setting. Whatever your preference is Dynamic Edge Training will fulfill your needs!