“My name is Shannon Kassoff. I am 37 years old and have been teaching Yoga for two

years, I am in better shape today than when I was in my twenties thanks to Dynamic Edge Training. First let me say that I hate to go to the gym. In my late twenties my horrible eating habits and lack of exercise was starting to catch up with me. I hit my top weight of 176 pounds and I felt sluggish and weak. I joined a gym, but didn’t know how to work out. Fortunately, I met Mike and started to train with him. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and our workouts are never boring; weight lifting, CrossCore, cardio, kickboxing and so much more, Mike kicks my butt every time.

Mike also knows the importance of maximizing your workout results through a balanced and healthy diet. With his persistent encouragement, I have turned my eating habits around and have more energy and strength than ever before.

If it weren’t for Mike, I don’t think I would have ever had the courage to become a yoga instructor. Living a healthy lifestyle has become my life rather than something I have to do. I recommend Dynamic Edge Training to anyone and everyone who is ready to make a lasting change in their lives.

Shannon K.