Sound Nutrition vs. Fad Diets

For many years “fad diets” have taken over the minds and the bodies of way too many people. There is a good reason why something is called a “fad”; simply because it comes and it goes. The reason why these fad diets ”go” is because something is always discovered about them that is unhealthy for the human body.
When we talk about health we talk about longevity, living a balanced, high energy life for a very long time. Fad diets typically restrict our bodies of a certain macronutrient such as carbohydrates which are the primary source of energy for the brain. If we are restricting our brains of energy how are we supposed to live that vivacious healthy, high energy life? The answer is.. we’re not! The brain and the rest of our body need “glycogen” which is the storage form of carbohydrates in our muscles. Without optimal glycogen storage we are simply low energy, low drive, dehydrated, weak and will not be in that joyous state that we should be in! So what is the answer?
The answer is very simple actually, sound basic nutrition, the way we were designed to eat! There have been many books written on nutrition, few of them have hit the nail on the head. They focus on a proper balance of nutrition with all three macronutrients (protein, carbs and good fats). They focus on optimization, not deprivation. When the body is deprived of certain nutrients storage enzymes are activated and that nutrient will be made another way and stored for later use. What does this mean? For example if we deprive the body of fat (good or bad) the body will store all the fat it can. It does this by converting glucose from our excess carbohydrates.
There are a few diet books that I recommend, off the top of my head, the South beach diet, the Zone diet, the Fat flush plan and Optimum nutrition by Dr Andrew Weil who is also the founder of the restaurant True Foods. Bottom line, these are words to live  by: Eat to live, live to eat!!

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