Functional Training


 “Functional training is the action of training “function,” a general term that means ‘role or duty.’ Functional training is the science of training the body to mimic moves in our daily life, actions we perform such as taking the groceries out of the trunk of a car or picking up the soap in the shower. At Dynamic Edge training a huge spotlight is put on functional training.  We believe it is the most important part of holistic fitness as well as preventative medicine for injuries. There are three planes of motion that we move in sagittal, frontal and transverse. Most people train in sagittal and frontal, (front and back, side to side). They do not however spend enough time training in the transverse plane (rotational plane); this is why there are so many injuries across the nation. It has been reported that 70% of the injuries reported from hospitals across the USA were non contact; what this means is these people are getting hurt by doing things like bending and twisting. Bottom line is that we need to start training this way and we have literally hundreds of exercises in our tool box that mimic everyday living to make our clients functional experts!! With the use of medicine balls, kettle bells, Crosscore 180’s, tubes, bands etc we will make your old boring workout routine much more fun and much more effective!